Role Mining and Life-cycle management

Autonomous Role Mining and life-cycle management

Power of Analytics, Machine Learning (ML) and Organizational Knowledge

Spark based role mining engine with IAM specific ML algorithm for mining. Unsupervised ML algorithms with clustering, classification and association.


Visualize, mine and manage roles

Deterministic Role Mining approach with visualization to compare and contrast roles.

Spark based unsupervised role mining engine with data classification and association mining approaches.Leverages Spark based Top-down & Bottom-up mining approach. Reduce complexity for Role discovery and Access Reviews. Integrates with SailPoint, Oracle Identity Governance and other IAM platforms.

Business Users as Role Analysts

Enable and empower Business user to analyze role as part of Role life-cycle management.

Visualize, review, compare and contrast role composition. RBAC solution to manage role lifecycle. Analytics & ML for role mining and visualization to identify candidate roles.Fine grained approval process for Role creation, modification, owner change. Agile and incremental way to build and manage roles.

IGA (SailPoint, OIG) integrated and built for scale and performance

5 Million Entitlements mined in less than 30 minutes.

Role mining for large identity data: 200K User Identities with 5 Million AD entitlements in 30 minutes. Integrates with SailPoint, Oracle Identity Governance and other IAM platforms.

IGA integrated Role Mining for large identity dataset

Autonomous Role Miner reduces complexity for role discovery and definition by Spark ML based mining. It leverages Organizational knowledge and enables business users to visualize, compare and contrast candidate roles.

Highly performant role mining with role mining results for over 5 Million entitlements in less than 30 minutes.

IGA (SailPoint, OIG) integrated to promote mined roles to IGA platform and manage the over-all role life-cycle.