Extensive experience with Identity Management solution design, customization and integration


Authentication, authorization, auditing and Web SSO solution


RBAC methodology and Entitlement Management: Design and Implementation of Role Based Access.


Context and Policy-based integrated web security management and Federated SSO for employees, partners and customers.


Audit, Compliance management and Reporting across the enterprise IT resources.


Integration solutions with Directory Services, Federated Directory, Virtual Directory.


Identity Management & Governance

Identity Management (IM) system provides a policy based automated user privileges management throughout the entire user lifecycle. It can effectively manage user accounts, access permissions, and passwords from creation to termination across heterogeneous IT resources. Identity Management system can ensure that access to resources has been given to the correct identities, at the correct time, and for the correct purpose.
Confluxsys has extensive experience with Identity Management solution design, customization and integration. Our Identity Management service offerings include:

  • Import Identities (HR Feed) from multiple source of truth to have unified user identity.
  • Integration with Help-desk and ticketing systems for automated provisioning.
  • Design complex IM workflows and integrations.
  • Custom Adapter development to provision legacy and vendor specific target resources.
  • Custom UI design and development for role based and request based solutions.

Access Management & SSO

Access Management (AM) system provides authentication, authorization, auditing and Web SSO solution for enforcing security policies over a wide range of Web and application resources. It centralizes user access and policy management for online portal and Web application server resources. Access Management solution addresses the challenges of growing complexity of enterprise security solutions, and the inability to implement security policies across platforms.
Our Access Management service offerings include:

  • Centralized Authentication and Authorization across Web-based applications.
  • SSO Solution for heterogeneous Web-based applications.
  • Authorization service for custom web applications.
  • Integrated user provisioning and password management.
  • Integrated strong authentication.
  • Audit and compliance reports

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) & Certifications

Role and Entitlement Management embraces all functional services that relate to the grouping of identities and to the administration of access to information and resources at a group rather than an individual level. Role Modeling:
Our RBAC service offerings include:

  • Design and Implement Role Based Access Control system
  • Design and Implement Request based provisioning for Roles and Entitlements
  • Role discovery and entitlements.
  • Role modeling: design of role structures to address business and IT requirements.
  • Enforce enterprise security policy requirements.
  • Integration with Identity and Access Management solution

Federated Identity Management and Web Service Security

Federated Identity Management (FIM) provides policy-based integrated web security management and federated SSO for federated Web services in companies deploying service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web Services. With browser-based integration and OAuth open standard for authorization and other standards like SAML, OpenID, Liberty, WS-Federation, WS-Securit, WS-Trust to provide employees SSO access to cloud-based applications.
Our Federated Identity Management service offerings include:

  • Federated SSO design and implementation.
  • Integrated SOA architecture design and implementation.
  • Web Services security, trust service and attribute mapping.
  • Integration with Access Management system and XML gateways.

Security Policy Management

Security Policy Management provides application and data security management solution by implementing unified, centralized policy management and enforcement. With this solution, security policies can be enforced across multiple policy enforcement points and throughout the policy lifecycle from authoring and publishing to enforcing and updating security policies.
Our Security Policy Management service offerings include:

  • Design of application roles, entitlements and data-level access control.
  • Unified SOA security policy management and application entitlements management.
  • Application integration.
  • Integration with Identity and Access Management solution.

Security Information Management and Compliance

Security Information Management provides audit and compliance management and reporting across the enterprise IT resources. It allows to centrally manage logs, monitor user activities, co-relate events and generate alerts, including privileged users and demonstrate compliance through audit reporting.
Our Security Information Management service offerings include:

  • Operating system, mainframe, database and application auditing.
  • Design security policies and alerts.
  • Compliance reports and auditing.
  • Integration with Identity and Access Management solution

Directory Services

Directory Services
Directory Service provides a central repository for storing and managing information. Information stored in Directory server can be used for the authentication and authorization of users to enable secure access to enterprise and Internet services and applications. Directory Server is extensible, enables integration & consolidation and provides the foundation for the e-business and Web services applications.
Our Directory Services service offerings include:

  • Architect and implement highly available enterprise directory server.
  • Directory migration / synchronization.
  • Virtual directory mappings and Meta directory transformations.